We provide expert drafting of critical documents and company collateral to achieve your objectives

When the stakes are high - be it a tender to secure new business or a crucial submission to express your organisation's views - you need expert drafting and guidance.

CoFactor provides expert drafting of critical documents and company collateral.

We'll help you:

  • Identify core insights and issues
  • Produce a compelling position and messages to build trust and credibility
  • Influence stakeholders to motivate action
  • Communicate with impact through professionally designed documents

Ultimately, we help you connect with your audience, influence outcomes and achieve your objectives.

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We’ll help with


We’ll help you understand and meet the requirements of the tender to put your organisation’s best foot forward with a persuasive and impactful response. This can involve us writing part or all of the tender.Ultimately, we’ll help focus your energy on the most important areas and work with you to achieve your objectives.


We’re experienced submission writers, from award submissions to business-critical government and regulatory submissions. We help organisations identify core insights, build compelling and credible arguments and produce a strong position to help drive company objectives.

Company Profiles

We draft and design company profiles to introduce your company and highlight your capabilities. Company profiles provide a vital snapshot of your business and the specific information that will help stakeholders decide whether they should do business with or partner with your company. We help our clients persuasively capture their offering and expertise, and leave a compelling impression.

Fact Sheets

We prepare fact sheets for organisations to provide key facts, figures, FAQs and important information about the organisation, its products and services, its leaders or key issues. We do the critical thinking to best position the organisation and inform and influence the target audience, be it customers, media, investors or employees. Our experts use visual aides and infographics to present clear and concise information.

Key Messages

We help organisations cut through with purposeful and powerful key messages to inform or influence their stakeholders. Our expert drafters help company leaders prioritise what’s important and succinctly communicate to get to the essence of what you need your audience to hear, understand and do. We help you develop a central message, supporting messages and credible proof points through facts, data, statistics, examples and testimonials. Our key messages ensure you and your team stay focused when talking or presenting to the media, a conference or to other stakeholders.

Investor Presentations

It is critical for companies to tell the financial markets and investors a consistent story of their strategic vision and value creation. We produce outcomes-focused presentations and communication plans and help companies map and engage their audiences and address complex shareholder issues. Our messages and supportive collateral build interest and help investors understand the company, its operations and financial performance.

How we work

We can work independently to draft your critical documents. We also regularly work alongside our clients’ communications, public affairs, legal and marketing teams – from SMEs to ASX-listed companies – to provide advice or an extra pair of hands.


Why CoFactor?

Our clients work with us because:

  • We’re a team of specialists with decades of hands-on experience producing critical documents for leading Australian organisations
  • We’ve prepared multi-million dollar winning tenders and influential submissions that concentrate stakeholders on our clients’ critical issues
  • We’ve produced profiles and presentations that help organisations engage with and shape stakeholder views
  • We know how to position organisations to influence outcomes and achieve their objectives
  • We’re purpose-built to deliver results and better value – and known for our considered approach and ease to work with

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