We help organisations protect and defend their online image and reputation. 

Online Reputation Management

We fix negative online content

A poor online reputation can seriously impact your business. It can lead to a loss of trust, the potential to lose customers and ultimately cost you web traffic and revenue.

Poor Google search results or customer reviews on your Google My Business listing or Google Maps can also deter potential customers.

Your online reputation is determined by how you or your company conducts itself and by what customers, staff, media and other stakeholders say about you or your products or services.

When damaging, false or negative content about you gets posted, you need to act. 

Experts in brand reputation management, we’ll help you:
  • Remove or counter negative Google reviews and online content
  • Build your online reputation
  • Improve your online visibility 
  • Highlight existing positive reviews
  • Build trust and a positive brand image
  • Better control your search engine results
  • Monitor what others say about you and your business

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What is Online Reputation Management? 

Online Reputation Management (or ‘ORM’) helps individuals and businesses repair a poor reputation as well as maintain a good one. It gives you control over how you’re viewed online and is an excellent way to protect and safeguard the online reputation of an individual or company. As an online reputation management company, we help clients with their business reputation management, removing damaging content.

How do you remove negative content?

False or negative online content about individuals or businesses can be highly damaging. We regularly help prominent individuals and organisations to manage their online reputation.

Google won’t allow you to simply remove negative content from Google search results. For the content not to be shown, it must be removed at the source. You can try asking the website owner or publisher to remove it, but this is often a long shot.

The most effective way of ‘removing’ negative content in search results is to suppress it with other web sources and/or content. By increasing your online profile and relevance, damaging content will, over time, be ‘pushed down’ lower in search results and therefore be much less discoverable. For this to work, it takes a smart strategy and expert execution. We help clients remove and suppress damaging reviews and content from page one of Google - and help them to shape a positive profile and online reputation.

How do you remove negative reviews?

Negative reviews received on your social media accounts such as your Google My Business profile or Facebook page, unfortunately can’t immediately be removed by hitting a button. For example, if a review violates Google’s content policies, you can flag the review to Google. However, reviews can’t be removed on the grounds of a business owner disagreeing with the comments or not liking the review. In these cases, expert support is needed to counter the poor Google review, which may involve responding to the review as well as suppressing poor Google reviews with more positive reviews.

Why CoFactor? 

There are many online reputation ‘experts’ that promise swift removal of negative content and reviews or ‘you pay nothing’. All too often this is not achievable causing further disappointment, brand damage and delay ahead of a more considered strategy to address the issue. Our clients often come to us ‘second’ in this space, after learning this the hard way.

We offer clients honest advice and generously invest our time and expertise to make a positive and lasting difference to the individuals and organisations we work with. Our clients work with us because:

  • We’re experts in reputation management
  • We work with major Australian brands and businesses and prominent individuals
  • We know what it takes to address or suppress negative online content including unhelpful news articles and bad Google My Business reviews
  • Through our ORM services, we build positive online content to enhance your image, promote your brand and protect your reputation
  • We’re trusted to discreetly handle highly sensitive information
  • We’re purpose-built to deliver results and better value
  • We're honest, upfront and known for our considered approach and ease to work with

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We help organisations protect and defend their online image and reputation.
Reduce or remove negative online content 

Manage existing negative comments or reviews

Address damaging allegations 

Counter harmful media articles 

Online reputation recovery

Brand reputation management

We help organisations build their profile and create positive search results.
Optimise your search engine results

Develop a professional online presence

Build your digital reputation

Tell the company story

Profile the CEO and leadership team

Online review management

Reputation monitoring

Business reputation management

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