The leisure, sport and entertainment industry is fast moving, highly competitive and ever changing. These organisations must continue to reinvent themselves and their offering. They are often led into conversations and debates in areas outside their usual entertainment and consumer domains.

CoFactor helps build a clear understanding of the organisation’s target audience to connect them and their events with the public, sponsors, media and other stakeholders. We are also there in times of uncertainty and crisis. We help organisations understand and shape the regulatory and political environment in support of company objectives, and support executives through issues and incidents to manage reputation.

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Outcomes focused and tenacious, we do the critical thinking and rigorous work that delivers results

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We generously invest time and expertise to understand our clients and build beneficial long-term relationships

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We run a lean operation, with an approach and ways of working that ensures significant value for money for our clients

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Known for our considered, no nonsense approach and ease to work, we understand our clients’ commercial realities

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