Financial services organisations must work in a more clever way to create messages that truly resonate with their target audience. The best financial services brands are connecting with their customers, shareholders and employees on a deeper level, through compelling and inspiring content.

CoFactor helps financial services businesses achieve their commercial goals through strategic, targeted communication and engagement programs. We help: build and guard a competitive advantage; enhance social license; drive internal engagement and alignment; mitigate risks and crises; as well as proactively build reputation.

We create strategies that connect companies’ actions with a diverse, and increasingly vocal set of stakeholders, by mapping and engaging their audiences. We are also there when sensitive and complex issues arise to work through: internal and external messaging; and interaction with media, governments and regulators.

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Results driven

Outcomes focused and tenacious, we do the critical thinking and rigorous work that delivers results

Enduring relationships

We generously invest time and expertise to understand our clients and build beneficial long-term relationships

Built for value

We run a lean operation, with an approach and ways of working that ensures significant value for money for our clients

We 'get it'

Known for our considered, no nonsense approach and ease to work, we understand our clients’ commercial realities

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