• Expert advice and hands-on assistance
  • Discreet management of sensitive and complex issues
  • 24/7 crisis support and communication counsel 

In the age of around-the-clock reporting, social media and viral videos, news travels fast. Every move an organisation and its executives make can be subject to close examination by customers, investors and employees. Poor conduct, allegations or damaging media reports can quickly cause significant impact as negative publicity spreads rapidly.

We protect the reputations of organisations and individuals

CoFactor will help you:
  • Handle sensitive and complex issues - through expert advice and support 
  • Manage your online reputation - by removing or countering negative online content and reviews
  • Shape stakeholder views - to influence how people perceive you
  • Navigate news media - and guide if and when to comment, through a careful consideration of the facts and expert knowledge of the media landscape
  • Get Crisis-Ready - by providing your organisation with a tailored, pre-prepared Crisis Management Plan to swiftly manage crises and limit reputation damage
When a serious issue emerges you need expert advice…  and fast.

When faced with a sensitive issue or crisis you need trusted advice and direction. Our team has deep experience guiding individuals along with organisations and their executives through highly sensitive and complex issues. We’ll rapidly assess your situation and needs, and prepare a strategic plan to stabilise key relationships and shape stakeholder opinions. Contact us now.

Why CoFactor?
  • We’re reputation management experts, helping organisations and individuals build and guard a competitive advantage via their reputation
  • Our team has deep experience guiding organisations, individuals and governments through sensitive and complex issues 
  • We’ve managed incidents and crises from data breaches and cyber attacks to employee misconduct, blackmail and aggressive media and social media exposure. 
  • We provide measured, discreet advice and counsel and we genuinely care for your situation 
  • We're purpose-built to deliver results and better value - and known for our considered approach and ease to work with

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